Jessica Catano

CMT, Birth Doula



Jessica's travels with massage led her to learn about midwifery - the birthing of babies. She found her skills most useful in becoming a doula - a birthing assistant. The meaning of the word 'doula' is to be with woman. A proud phase/word, which holds a strength that reaches and touches lives, families and impacts the memories and souls of all those involved. She is so honored to  call herself a doula. The presence and responsibility  that she upholds is one of honor and respect. The compassion that is extended in being in a labor support person is one that never stops learning and growing with each birth and story.  Doulas are the link of knowledge that supports midwives, nurses and medical practitioners, as well as families and pregnant mothers, fathers and child. There is a great amount of responsibility on the care of life especially in these transformational times. By using massage therapy along with conscious bonding  skills, the mother is supported and is likely to advance with labor and have a positive birth.

Jessica offers birth doula services and prenatal/postpartum massage therapy.