Evaly Long

Homebirth Midwife


Island Midwifery

Evaly Long is a Licensed Midwife supporting clients all over the Bay Area. She provides many midwifery services including Homebirth care, Hybrid care (midwifery care for planned hospital births), at-home postpartum care, and fertility counseling and intrauterine inseminations. Throughout the year she offers 4-week birth and postpartum preparation classes, and helps to host many workshops and support groups for pregnant and postpartum families.     

Home midwifery care is a radical form of care practiced throughout time and all over the world. As long as babies were being born and families were being made, there were midwives present with steady, calm guidance. Evaly evolved her comprehensive practice based on clinical skills and continuing education, the latest research, and the deep knowledge of pregnant people and midwives coming before me. It is a holistic practice focus on the whole person and baby. Homebirth has been proven to be a safe option for low risk clients in large part because of the continuity of care – I am your providers from pregnancy to postpartum – that builds a relationship of trust between us. You know I’ll be there with you not only through pregnancy, but during your labor and birth, and at least 6 weeks of postpartum care.

Most days Evaly is playing with her three kiddos, listening to podcasts on the way to client appointments, reading articles about birth, postpartum and feminism, and has a knitting project close by. She loves to chat about pregnancy, midwifery, parenting and the state of the world. You can catch her at evaly@islandmidwife.com, or read her ramblings at islandmidwife.com.