Lindsay Levesque

CD (DONA), Placenta Encapsulator


Lindsay Levesque has been practicing as a doula in the Bay Area since 2012, after the birth of her wonderful daughter.  Lindsay is certified through DONA (emphasizing hospital birth support) and Sacred Birth Angels (emphasizing home and birth center support).  Lindsay helps each client and partner investigate and address their personal preferences, concerns, and goals for birth. Lindsay works collaboratively with the client, partner, and birth team offering strong support while allowing space for the intimacy and privacy of labor.  The support Lindsay offers is rooted in prenatal education of the physiological and hormonal processes of labor, mindfulness, breath, movement, and supportive attention. Childbirth is challenging for a reason; it teaches us to be brave, open, patient, strong, and tender among other qualities essential to parenting. Lindsay supports you through this important process.

Lindsay offers birth doula services and placenta encapsulation.